Top Questions

Do I have to pay a deposit? 
Yes. All customers are required to pay a refundable security deposit before storing. How much is dependent on the size room you choose. The amount is usually the equivalent of one week’s storage fees (inc. VAT) for our storage rooms. The deposit is fully refundable provided there is no damage to the room after you have vacated. 

Do you charge access fees? 
Access during our 8:30am-5pm opening hours is free of charge. You can come and go as often as you need with no additional cost. We also offer an extended access service outside of our normal opening hours. This is a paid for service and is £10 every 4 weeks or £5 for a one off use. Please call 01623 347030 if you would like to set this up. 

Do you have a full price list for your rooms? 
We don’t have a price list, but you can get a quote for any room on our website or by calling 01623 347030 

How much is insurance? 
This depends on the full new replacement value of your goods if you had to buy them again today. As a guide, our average customer tends to take £5,000 of insurance cover at a cost of £6 per week. Please call your local store on 01623 347030where a member of our team can work out a personal quote for you. The cost of insurance starts from £3 per week for £2,000 of cover, and goes up depending on the level of cover that’s right for you. 

Is insurance compulsory? 
Yes. All customers must either take out our bespoke insurance or provide proof of insurance cover for goods in self storage, before they can store with us. If using your own insurance provider you will need to ask them to add an addendum to your policy to include the name and address of the store you are using. 

What are your opening / access times? 

What do I need to do when I want to move out? 
You can move out at any time during your payment period, you just need to give us 7 days written notice to move out of a storage room, and 28 days written notice to move out of our larger rooms of 150 sq ft and above. This ensures you don’t lose any of your security deposit, and any unused rent is refunded back to you. 

This can be posted, emailed or dropped off at the store. You also need to confirm when you have emptied your room. Please leave the room in the same condition as when you began renting it and remove your padlock from the door before leaving the store. If you have given us the required written notice but leave the padlock on the door on the day you were due to move out, we will presume you have changed your mind and need to continue your storage and we will continue to charge you for your storage usage. 

What identity documents do I need to bring for verification? 
An official document with your photograph such as a driving licence or passport. 

If you are a business customer and are a company director or senior manager, please also provide proof of your position such as a business card or a letter from Companies House. If you are a business customer but are not the company director or senior manager, please provide a letter from the business to confirm that you have the authority to sign the Customer Licence on behalf of the company. What is included in the quote price? The quote sent through to you covers your storage costs only. Prices quoted are per week and are charged 4 weekly and in advance.